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10 Great Reasons To Start Online Yoga Classes...

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

I didn't think I would, but I love my online yoga classes and here are the reasons why...

Recently I started up yoga classes online.

Both attending and presenting.

I love it.

I finally got to try out a yoga class across town in Bondi.

Something I have been meaning to do forever, but somehow when I was in Bondi, I was always too busy. So tick. Done. Yay!

Truth is I love it. Working out online! With online dance classes or virtual yoga classes, you never have to search for "yoga classes near me" again. That's because all online yoga classes are “near me” now and all you have to do is click a button and find the best online yoga classes, or the best online dance classes or any other virtual workout.

It does take some getting used to. No doubt. However, like anything else, once you get the flow, it all just seems to work, and way better too. Here's why...

Saves Time/Convenient. “I just love it. I can pretty much jump out of bed, do my class and then get on with my day. No commuting, dressing up, driving, excellent time saver!” Loreta #SaveMeTime

My Favourite Teacher. I can attend classes from the teacher I like. Maybe they move around from studio to gym. If your favourite instructor is putting on virtual classes - excellent- now you have accessibility! #BestOnlineWorkout

Child Care. No more worries about childcare. Give the kids an activity to keep them busy. Don’t have to wait for hubby to come home. Don’t have to look for a gym/studio offering childcare. My child might even start trying things alongside me. Bare minimum, I am setting a positive example - Go me! #GiveMeABreak

Money Saver. Spend less on petrol, car wear and tear, childcare and most importantly saves my time which saves my money. #MoneySaver

Social Anxiety. This was given to me by my friend's teenage son, and it’s a good one. Whether you are socially anxious or just socially disinterested, online workouts are a great way to explore exercise options. You can always just turn your camera off. Workout, enjoy, move on… #NoMoreSocialAnxiety

Do It In Your PJs. This one was given to me by my dear friend Cheryl. Tbh this one is not really for me as I am usually in front of the camera, plus I live in workout gear, but if that's what floats your boat - more power to you! #YogaInYourPjs

Less Stressful. Always a good thing, no? Less time running around - more time to relax, get your todo list done, spend with the fam/friends/lover or maybe more time to oneself! Hmmm… #StopStressing

Enjoy Being In My Own Space. For some this can be soooo important. Everything from agoraphobic (phobic to go outside the home) to just loving being in your space. #LoveMyOwnSpace

Embarrassing - NOT! As an instructor, I speak to people all the time about trying out yoga. People often answer with "I'm not flexible" or "I've never tried it" but when it comes down to it they end up revealing that they don't want to embarrass themselves in front of people. Well - no more excuses, there is only you and your instructor now. Remember you can always just turn your camera off. #EmbarrassingMoments

More Mindful. No distractions. No one to disturb your concentration. You can really get into the zone. Make the most out of your workout time. Totally be in the moment. #MindfulWorkouts

So no more excuses. Wherever you live in the world, whatever your level of fitness, flexibility or strength you can find a great workout to suit your needs and wants. It is important to love your workout, so just keep trying different genres, forms and/or teachers until you find the right fit for you. At the end of the day, you will only stick to something if you really love it. If you look forward to it in your week.

Personally I am a yoga instructor, dance teacher, and also learn salsa and horse riding. That's what gets me excited! Gets me out of bed in the mornings with positive energy.

When it comes to yoga though, don't forget it is medicine for the body, so it's absolutely crucial to practise regularly if we want to live long, and with grace #YogaForLongevity

There are so many types that surely there is one that will resonate with you. I prefer to be more active and lively so I go for a power yoga style or yoga hiit. I want my yoga and workout in one session. There are a plethora of choices out there though, including disco yoga; ashtanga -more gymnastic; aerial yoga; hatha yoga; Iyengar yoga; slow yoga; fast yoga; goat yoga; cat yoga; horse yoga; Japanese yoga; hot yoga; yin yoga and most likely, more to come. The most important thing is to find one, commit to it, get fit and find the love!

By Sienna Wolke

Live online yoga class teacher.


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