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Best Online Yoga Subscription Classes


This is an exceptional 

vinyasa flow yoga class. 


It is an all levels power yoga 

and vinyasa flow in one.


What does that mean?

We go through some creative vinyasa flow sequences with plenty of options for the vinyasa flow beginner 

to yoga vinyasa flow intermediate.  

It is a nicely paced vinyasa flow class, which makes it fun, 

but not too fast that 

everyone can’t keep up. 

Just enough to keep it flowing.  


We keep it interesting by adding some music to the mix. 


It is a 1 hour vinyasa flow class with the last 5 minutes devoted to breaths 

and a light guided meditation / 

yoga nidra, 

to help calm the mind 

and relax the body.


Very popular class!




The Fundamentals Yoga class is a 

great yoga class for flexibility and strength 

for beginners and intermediates 

or for those that 

haven’t practised in some time.


It’s a light yoga for beginners

and a yoga for core strength beginners.


Actually all levels can benefit

as they are a great way 

to workout as well. 


 The yoga live stream classes 


allow you to participate


and ask questions after class - if you need.




As the name implies,

this is a high intensity yoga. 

It is still appropriate for 

yoga beginners and intermediates 

but we add some pulses and power yoga workouts to the class. 


It is both a power and grace yoga and has a power yoga flow to it. 


There are always plenty of yoga options 

so that everyone can keep up.

In line with the yoga power living and corepower classes 

but the beauty is,

you can find this corepower near you. 


As in home power yoga. 


At home, online, and live. 


You won't be disappointed!

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