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How Do You Find Inspiration?

  1. Get out into nature - anything from a walk, to a trek, to an expedition.

  2. Try a different sport - maybe horse riding or waterpolo.

  3. Try a different hobby - try singing, dancing or hot air ballooning.

  4. Take a break - take a few days off from your life and getaway.

  5. Journal - start writing. Just for you.

  6. Visit an exhibition - get inspired from other people's inspiration.

  7. Talk to someone new - same old, same old. Talk to someone new and get a different perspective.

  8. Try a new food - not only taste something different but notice the effect it has on your mind, body and energy levels.

  9. Travel - experience a different culture. Most of us don't have to travel far to find a different culture. If you don't have the time or the money right now just visit a local quarter in your city.

  10. Get out of your comfort zone - this pretty much sums it up doesn't it? Get out of your comfort zone, experience something new, and take away at least one positive thing from the experience. :)

Author - Sienna = creative yoga instructor and inspirational life coach.


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