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How to Look Younger Than Your Age Naturally. 12 Instant Tips & Tricks.

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

We see people we know look younger than their biological age and wonder, is it all genetics?

Well, yes and no.

Of course genetics has a lot to do with it.

But there are some anti-aging tips and tricks that can help you to look younger than your age instantly.

Try these tips out and you will start to look and feel younger than your age and people will begin to notice.

Heres how to look young and beautiful naturally in an instant.

1. Hairstyle

Find a suitable hairstyle for your face.

Nothing wrong with grey hair, by the way. A beautiful Italian friend of mine, Anna, shaved her head because she was undergoing cancer treatments.

She has kept the do, because she looks nothing short of amazing!

Before she had long dyed black hair which dragged her face down. Now she has a super short crop of natural grey and black hair and her gorgeous big blue eyes just pop.

So it’s not just about the colour, just get a style that suits your face.

She found a great haircut that made her look younger.

Bangs make you look younger too. They cover up stress lines on the forehead.

There are some great hair styles to look younger.

I love the up do. I think it lifts the face. Plus just about any short hair makes you look younger.

So book yourself into a highly recommended hairdresser and get the best haircut for a natural looking facelift instantly!

For the men - get a cut regularly and have them trim your beard, nose hairs and eyebrows too!

2. Shave your face

This one is actually for the ladies.

Around 40 - 55 most of us go through Menopause or Peri-menopause.

Not good or bad.

Just part of life.

However, one of the symptoms can be a peach fuzz we grow on our faces, or maybe even strong spiky ones. Moustaches, beards and sideburns.

No biggie. Just shave it off every 2 weeks or so. And no, shaving does not make it grow back stronger!

The young ones are now shaving their faces as they say it helps make up stay on better.

3. Walk taller/better posture!

Poor posture is definitely one of the things that make you look older.

People often comment that I look younger than my age and I think one of the main reasons is my posture.

So lift your gaze, don't look down, relax your shoulders gently back, open up your chest and heart, and walk forward in life, tall and proud.

4. Keep your face/teeth/nose/eyes clean.

I am not sure what goes on when people get on in age. The extra hairs sprouting from orifices, the reduced vision maybe, but check your nose, teeth and face for hairs, food stuffs and other muck.


When you wake up, after every meal, sneeze, nap etc.

5. Take a shower.

Not sure what happens here, but there is definitely an “old people smell”.

Do we get lazy and shower less or our natural body odour becomes more pungent? Probably a combination of factors but either way take a shower. Once or twice a day, depending on the weather. Not only does it cleanse the smell, but also leaves us feeling and looking refreshed!

6. Wear less makeup - natural look.

Nothing wrong with wearing a little makeup. The problem is the more fine lines, wrinkles and cracks we obtain, makeup can sometimes emphasise that. So remember, we are wearing makeup to bring out our best, and hide the rest, so perhaps it’s time to change our routine.

Just a little Burts bees lip wax can be enhance the lips for example.

Don't wear foundation if you don't need it.

Take the time and go into a department store and have your makeup done by someone whom you think looks good. If you like it what you see- change it up!

7. Dress for your age - show only what you want people to see.

Actually I would recommend this for any age. Just because something is in fashion does not make it the most flattering fit for our bodies. Constantly check your wardrobe for necessary updates and size checks. Ill fitting clothes don't do anyone a favour!

8. Don't moan/ stop whinging.

Again, this applies to any age, but something seems to happen to people as they age. Nobody wants to hear about your aching anything, so stop talking about it. Aches and pains don’t come solely because we age, they come because we get old and lazy. So stop moaning and do something about it!

And find something else, positive to talk about.

9. Drink your 1-2 litres of water

Yes, most of us know we need 1-2 litres of water a day, but this is your reminder actually drink it.

Freshens up the skin, the mind and improves energy levels.

Or if you want a real pick me up - try out my Super V8 boost juice.

10. Get a good night’s sleep

Ok, so not really instant, but, unless you have an important date today you can do it. Those unsightly bags, dark circles under the eyes and that greyish hue to the skin - gone! Overnight!

Absolutely must be asleep by 10pm. 9pm even better. Remember 1 hour before midnight is worth 2 after!

11. Fix your teeth

People tend to let themselves go the older they get and teeth are such an important representation of us. Teeth, eyes and hair. So make that appointment and get those pearlies fixed.

12. Smile

Too easy!



Instant facelift.

Have a look at your face in the mirror. Now smile. All those lines seem to disappear. Not to mention you feel happier, younger, lighter.

And get out there and enjoy life!


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