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Can You Eat Before Yoga?

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

If you are wondering should I eat before yoga, the short answer is No. The reason being is that we do many inversions and abdominal compressions so if you ate right before yoga you would feel sick, maybe nauseous, or even vomit.

So no, not a good idea...

The actual question is how long before yoga should you eat?

Minimum 2-3 hours is the appropriate time between eating and yoga practice.

Plus it is not simply a question of how long before yoga should I eat, but what to eat before my yoga session.

Even 2-3 hours before yoga class, it is important -

• Not to eat too much ie a small bowl like they serve in the Chinese restaurants

• Nothing too heavy

• Nothing spicy

• Not too acidic

• Easy to digest

Meal suggestions for 2 hours before yoga practice-

• Fruit Salad

• Salad

• Nuts & Dates or Figs

• Chia Pudding

• Light Soup - vegetarian

Sometimes food can still have an impact on your yoga practice hours later so be conscious of what you are eating before yoga class.

The Best Recommendation of What to Eat or Drink Before Yoga Class.

As many of you know who attend to my online yoga classes, I am a big proponent of fresh coconut juice. It is better than energy drinks and a wonderful electrolyte replacer. If you are feeling very hungry in those 2 hours before class, coconut juice is the best. Fills you up, gives you energy and keeps you feeling light during your yoga session.

If you really hate coconut juice, or are allergic, you can try another fresh juice or perhaps my super boost juice - Click Here For The Super Boost Juice Recipe

I trust that answers your question as to -

• Should you eat before yoga?

• When to eat before yoga?

• What to eat before yoga?

The best thing about the fact that we need to control our food intake before a yoga class, is it helps us to be conscious of our food intake. Another great reason why yoga and weight loss works so well. If you are looking to lose weight through yoga, controlling our food intake, as to when and how much, is an added bonus! :)

By Sienna Wolke

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