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Why we are the best online yoga subscription -

  • Saves time - no more commuting.

  • Saves money - reasonable rates, petrol, car wear and tear 

  • Yoga for stress relief - yoga for anxiety and stress.

  • No pressure - no more rushing to get to class.

  • Simple schedule - our easy schedule gives you choices without overload.

  • Professional, experienced teachers. 

  • Fun yoga classes - we are constantly looking for ways to make our yoga sessions fun.

  • Boutique online yoga studio based in Sydney - our online yoga classes Australia are based in Sydney.

  • Yoga for Beginners - plenty of options for yoga postures for beginners.

  • Is yoga good for weight loss? Our classes are the ultimate yoga for weight loss. 

Why not sign up for our 2 week free yoga trial

for the best yoga subscription online and see for yourself.  

Nothing to lose, everything to gain. :)

Loreta M


Cook For Me In My Home

"The online yoga studio has been an absolute God send for me.


I could never fit a yoga class into my hectic schedule before,

and I sooo need it.


You can imagine,

being on my feet all day cooking!


Thank you

Sienna and

Le Studio Online, 


I am fitter and stronger

than I have ever been in my life."

Cheryl W 


Coastal Serenity"

"As busy as I am, I really wanted to find

something quick and easy

I can do,

to achieve both a

workout and yoga

in one.


I found the

yoga exercises

for weight loss

for beginners tremendous,

and I have

lost 9 pounds - YAY!


I am a convert!

Tivon M.


"After years of playing

football (soccer)

and suffering

from numerous injuries,

I found the only thing that works for me,

are yoga poses for my

back, hips and hamstrings.


I found the yoga poses for back pain,

something I can't live without.


Highly recommend

for the

therapeutic benefits."

No More Excuses.


    Every week
    Perfect Starter Plan
     14 day free trial
    • 1 Fabulous Class Per Week
    • • Power Yoga or
    • • Flow Yoga or
    • • Yoga Funadamentals
  • Best Value


    Every week
    Access Live Online Classes
     14 day free trial
    • Unlimited Life Changing Yoga
    • • Power Yoga
    • • Flow Yoga
    • • Yoga Fundamentals
  • ZEN

    Every week
    Mind Body Soul
     14 day free trial
    • Unlimited Life Changing Yoga
    • Plus - 1 X 1 Hour Per Week
    • Private Session with Sienna -
    • • Yoga
    • • Self Actualisation
    • • Life Coaching
    • Limited Availability
Anchor Free Yoga Trial

Sign up here for your FREE 14 day trial.

Prices in Australian dollars

  • What's the difference between Le Studio Online and other Online yoga?
    We have created a boutique online yoga and kept it simple at the same time. No more over whelm. Simply choose your class and book in. Every yoga session incorporates mind, body and soul. Options suitable for Beginners and All Levels. Save time, keep focussed and feel calm, all week long. Sienna, Siew & Kimberly have many years experience coaching yoga and have helped so many people over the years become more supple, stronger and more flexible. Based in Sydney Australia, we welcome you to our studio - Le Studio Online. :)
  • What are the Private Zen Sessions?
    This is a private online session with me - Sienna. Private online yoga sessions to help you recover from an injury, or deal with a chronic physical problem. Work on a mental/ emotional issue like learning to stay composed in stressful situations, or calm when dealing with anxiety. Work on your meditation through a guided personalized nidra. Build your journey towards self- actualisation. Work out a plan and stay on track. All sessions have the option to be recorded. Sessions are 1 hour x 1 per week. These Zen sessions are non-denominational, practical, grounded and uplifting. We talk through what you want/need to improve in your life and make it happen. SO BE READY FOR CHANGE!
  • How do I book the Private Zen Sessions?
    After you sign up, you will receive a Welcome to Zen Life Email with availabilities. Just book in the time that works for you…
  • Possible to cancel anytime?
    Cancel your membership at any time. You have complete control over your account.
  • How many classes should I do per week?
    Definitely aim for 1 session per day. Try out the different class styles and make room in your schedule for 1 class per day. I have exercised all my life and I find this rule the best. If you miss 1 or even 2 sometimes no biggie. You are still working out 5-6 times per week. With yoga, the more you practice, • the easier it becomes • the more flexible you get • the stronger you are • more toned up • fitter • and calmer in everyday life..
  • What is Self - Actualisation?
    Self - Actualisation is when an individual has reached their full potential. It is based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Basically, we can't attain our higher potential until we have fulfilled the foundations. • Physiological - food, shelter, sleep, clothing, reproduction. • Safety - personal security, work, creativity, health. • Love & Belonging - family, friendship, intimacy and connection. • Esteem - confidence, respect, sense of achievement, content. • Self - Actualization - morality, integrity, self- acceptance, purpose, meaning and inner potential.
  • Is it worth it?
    To be fair, only you can answer that question. It comes down to "how much is your health worth to you?" Is your health a priority? Mental, physical, and soulful. People tell me all the time, "I'm just too busy" or "I just don't have time". We are all "busy". If you don't prioritise your health now then when? We run around, making money, looking after children, animals, studying, etc. What's it all for? So you finally buy that house, car, make a million dollars, raise a family, but what's it all for, if you can't enjoy it because your body has just deteriorated to the point of no return. There is always something we can exclude from our day and replace with exercise for the body and mind. Our kids are more independent than we give them credit for, our work is always going to be there, we study better when oxygen and nutrients get to the brain, and if not now, when? Is there anything more valuable than your health? More valuable than your peace of mind? More valuable than finding Zen?
  • How long do the sessions go for?
    Yoga sessions run for 55-60 minutes. I know a lot of classes run shorter nowadays to "fit in" to our lifestyle, but truth be told, we need to fit our workout into our lifestyle not the other way around. If you think about it, the human body is designed to move and be physical for most of the day. We were hunter/gatherers for millions of years being constantly on the move is what we are designed to do. Highly recommend to make 1 session per day your goal.
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