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Why we are the best online yoga subscription -

  • Saves time - no more commuting.

  • Saves money - reasonable rates, petrol, car wear and tear 

  • Yoga for stress relief - yoga for anxiety and stress.

  • No pressure - no more rushing to get to class.

  • Simple schedule - our easy schedule gives you choices without overload.

  • Professional, experienced teachers. 

  • Fun yoga classes - we are constantly looking for ways to make our yoga sessions fun.

  • Boutique online yoga studio based in Sydney - our online yoga classes Australia are based in Sydney.

  • Yoga for Beginners - plenty of options for yoga postures for beginners.

  • Is yoga good for weight loss? Our classes are the ultimate yoga for weight loss. 

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"The online yoga studio has been an absolute God send for me.


I could never fit a yoga class into my hectic schedule before,

and I sooo need it.


You can imagine,

being on my feet all day cooking!


Thank you

Sienna and

Le Studio Online, 


I am fitter and stronger

than I have ever been in my life."

Loreta M


Cook For Me In My Home

"As busy as I am, I really wanted to find

something quick and easy

I can do,

to achieve both a

workout and yoga

in one.


I found the

yoga exercises

for weight loss

for beginners tremendous,

and I have

lost 9 pounds - YAY!


I am a convert!

Cheryl W 


Coastal Serenity"

"After years of playing

football (soccer)

and suffering

from numerous injuries,

I found the only thing that works for me,

are yoga poses for my

back, hips and hamstrings.


I found the yoga poses for back pain,

something I can't live without.


Highly recommend

for the

therapeutic benefits."

Tivon M.


Anchor Free Yoga Trial